What Do Pit Bulls Have To Do With Tires?


I love dogs.  I’ve owned a dog every day since young childhood except for my college years when I was away from home.  I have experienced several different breeds, but it wasn’t until I was about 50 years old that I found my favorite companion…a female Pit Bull.  When I tell people that I own […]

Happy Thanksgiving and a Quick True Story!


Happy Thanksgiving! I’d first like to thank the readers of the GFT RIDER Newsletter for your continued support.  Your comments and suggestions are gratefully appreciated and your support of our products far surpass my original expectations.  Your reorders show me that we have a good thing going and I’m happy that our products are able […]

Passed and Signed – FAST Act of 2015


Last Friday, December 4, 2015, President Obama signed the FAST Act of 2015 bill. For some background, The U.S. Senate passed by an 83-16 vote late Thursday, Dec. 3, the five-year, $305 billion FAST Act surface transportation funding bill, and President Obama signed the bill the next day on December 4, 2015. The bill includes […]